About Friendpaste

Why another pastebin ?

  • Short answer:

    Because we could do better

  • Long answer :

    So we dit it.

    It would have been easy to just take some features from pastebin around and create friendpaste. But we decided that we could do better. In particularly by designing a better interface. We also added some interresting features.


  • clean an intuitive user interface
  • choice of colorscheme for sourcecode
  • select your preferred languages
  • possibility to edit pastes
  • support for a large number of syntaxes
  • persistent pastes
  • diff between paste
  • instant reviews
  • ...
And the best is coming... Follow news of Friendpaste on twitter.

How is build friendpaste ?

  • No SQL database. We use the new and powerfull database Barrel.
  • pygments for syntax highlighting
  • Jinja to manage templates
  • Werkzeug a powerful and simple web framework
  • base2 for javascript
  • orbited for all messaging service
  • couchdbkit couchdb python library
  • Barrel a new modern database.
check out or browse the old source on Github.

Who ?

Friendpaste has been produced by Enki Multimedia.


There is no personal logging on Friendpaste. Only the IP and the date of the connection are kept to comply to EU laws. Cookie is only used to store your preferences. Period.

So use it freely and don't hesitate to share it with your friends ;)